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Vtrak -Vehicle Traking Solutions

Vehicle Tracking System

IDee Tracker is a Web-based User-Friendly GPS Vehicle Tracking and Fleet Management Solution. Using wireless technology it provides real-time vehicle / asset location information and has comprehensive telemetric options. The modular, flexible and scalable architecture can be adapted to any fleet size depending on customer needs. As standard, iDeeTracker includes an in-built map engine with rich GIS features and comprehensive set of business report. With optional RFID integration, the system can be extended to support applications including container monitoring trailer identification and petro-chemical carriers. Read More >

Airtrak - GSE Tracking System in singapore

Ground Support Equipment - (GSE)

AirTrak solution, developed by iDee Global Telematics, enables real-time management and planning of all motorized aircraft ground support equipment (GSE). As a comprehensive, web-based solution, AirTrak offers operation managers the ability to accurately locate, track, and proactively monitor vehicle and ground support equipment on the apron and beyond. With AirTrak, fleet managers can now optimize ground handling operations' activities to increase productivity through improved vehicle and equipment utilization and manpower, while enhancing equipment safety and longevity. Read More >

I Dispatch - Taxi Dispatch System

I Dispatch - Taxi Dispatch System

IDispatch, a combination of Client/Server Call center & Web based dispatch system with a comprehensive list of reports, management and GIS features, ideally suited for any dispatch application. It provides support for wide range of communication technologies like, GPRS, 3G, CDMA, PMR etc to suite any customer or country specific requirements. IDispath is specifically designed to address focused industries like , Taxi Companies, Emergency Vehicle Delivery (Police, Fire Brigade, Ambulances), Logistics/courier companies etc,. This comes with with thin client for CE based devices with built in navigational and interactive voice interface features as optional feature.